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Customer¡¯s satisfaction--We listen, think, respond

We have always been devoting our best effort to enhance customers' satisfaction, through continuously innovated management, product solutions and service.

In 1998, our company put ISO9001:94 Standard System into practice, and in 1999 we past the Quality Certification.  In April, 2003, we also past ISO9001:2000 Certification. The establishment of Quality Management System aims to improve the company¡¯s management efficiency, products quality and services quality, to better meet customers' needs and potential requirements.
Applying the ISO9001:2000 System, all the process of each project must be controlled. On the principle ¡®design, the core of product quality¡¯, and according to the characteristics of our products and projects, there are main important aspects to be controlled as the following:

Firstly, appropriate designer will be selected as the chief designer in charge of a particular project. The design plans need to be examined by our experts, consultants and related designers, also approved by customers in accordance with contract¡¯s terms. After finishing of detailed designs, all the designing documentations and drawings are examined by design engineers, process engineers, quality engineer and standardization inspector. According to different opinions and discussions, the chief designer may amend the drawing to make sure that the desinging will be optimized.

Secondly, since electric furnace project is concerned with many specialized fields, such as transformer, high or low voltage cabinet, automatic control system, hydraulic system,etc. So, the process of procurement is certainly an important point of control. From supplier investigating, evaluating and confirming, to manufacturing supervision and end product acceptance check, the staff, concerning supplying, designing, craft and quality managing, join in proceeding together; Quality files and scrolls set up for eligible supplier, with regularly examining. The supplier, when something wrong with supplying quality, must be reviewed, and can be disqualified if necessarily.   

It is guaranteed for us, to provide customers perfect services, satisfy their demands maximally. And that¡¯s our pursuit forever! Before signing a contract, we can, objectively and detailedly, specify our company information, product function and services, and recommend customers suited furnace types and configurations, according to customers¡¯ situation and demands to facilities; after sales, many excellent services will be provided, such as installing and debugging facilities, training technician, visiting customers regularly or irregularly, examining facilities, feeding promptly back suggestion for facilities; if facilities are something wrong, in any case, we can make a reply to customer within 4 hours, and arrive at the scene to put them right as quickly as possible.

We, full of confidence and power, can provide high quality facilities and all-round services. Let¡¯s create brilliant future with you hand-in-hand.


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